Darkinjung Country

The home was conceived as an extension of the Hawkesbury escarpment on which it sits with its windswept bush gripping the strata of sandstone that emerges from the landscape. The south-facing site experiences the full drama of the ocean southerlies and the surrounding vegetation is swept back & sculpted to a taper. Powerlines hum in the jet-stream while at ground-level, sanctuary can be found in the lee of obstacles. The design employs a plan which creates a series of courtyards that offer protection from the wind whilst still providing magnificent views. The weaving plan also maximises the area of north-facing facade and allows winter sun to penetrate deep into the home despite its southern outlook. A series of roof-forms over each wing echo the taper of the surrounding vegetation and controls sunlight. The lightweight upper-level perches on a heavy masonry plinth with bands of sandstone like the escarpment itself.

Client's Testimony:

We worked with Angus from True North Architects at every stage of the redevelopment of our beach house. It is a unique location and Angus came up a wonderful design that reflects the environment in which it sits, maximises the views afforded by the site and is perfect in regards to a high level of sustainability. Angus managed every phase of the project and we were grateful for his professionalism, his passionate enthusiasm for what he does and his ability to take our thoughts and reflect them in the design. Three years on, we love the house more every day and we constantly marvel at its flexibility with respect to the seasons, entertaining our visitors and meeting our needs as a family.

David Whiteing & Penny Graham