Raby homestead is on a heritage sheep Station built in 1888 west of Warren. The original parts of the house have 500mm thick earth-walls that are perfectly suited to the semi-arid climate of the NSW western plains by providing thermal mass in the home which serves to create a time-lag in daily temperature fluctuations. The main challenge has been to rationalise the floor layout & create better connections between disparate parts of the homestead. Almost as much floor space will be removed as will be added - a new wing connects two arms of the home & creates a central ‘water garden’ courtyard around which an internal cloister allows the family to move around the house without stepping outside. The water garden, with its perimeter moat & deciduous vines, will create a cool oasis in summer that helps keep the home cool, provides a lush focal point & allows the family to still be outdoors in summer without the intense radiant heat that Warren endures.