At TNA we get excited by Ideas. We believe that a strong idea helps guide a project through the thousands of design decisions that are necessary to produce a cohesive building. Ideas are generated by a response to the site & its climate and are gleaned through hand-drawn sketches done on site. The ideas are then sculpted through the section & plan into hand-drawn concept drawings, which are presented to Clients for approval. Once accepted, the latest techniques in digital modelling technology (BIM) are used to build a virtual model of the building. The model is continually developed to fully resolve the design whilst communicating the ideas in three dimensions with Clients & all other parties to the building project. At TNA Clients have the freedom to explore the model & integrated drawings themselves at their leisure, to properly understand the design & become actively engaged in the design process. TNA continues to work collaboratively with Clients until they are fully satisfied & share ownership of the design.

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